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See what some of my readers and fans say about my books on Amazon. I take great pride in creating an unforgettable adventure where you can step into a universe where infinite possibilities unfurl amidst the shimmering tapestry of starlight while relevant to our times.

Each book you choose holds the promise of a new beginning, where the pages come alive, and your imagination takes flight.

Bookworm – 5 Stars

This SciFi novel is so realistic it gave me goosebumps. This imaginary world and the depicted imaginary future felt so real. Highly recommended.

MJR – 5 Stars

This is a greatly written scifi prequel. It feels like it's happening right here and now (the things these characters and society faces (global warming, Artificial intelligence, etc.) Are things our world faces and potentially faces if we keep going down the path were on. Its spooky the similarities between this fictional story and real life and for that, I say well done author! This is a book that hard sci-fi fans will love.

DB – 5 Stars

Great writing. Exciting twists and turns. This is really a multiple genre type story, so there is something for almost everyone. The author does a great job handling time travel as well. Would recommend.
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  • Dystopian adventures

    Dystopian Adventures

  • The day everything changed

    The day everything changed

Newdawn Saga Series

An intriguing dystopian world and unconventional
SciFi Romance Adventure!
Newdawn Roamers
Newdawn Roamers

Origin. One Action. One Life. A future. An unusual set of powers. A trip to a bygone era. If she can’t alter people’s minds, tomorrow will never dawn.

Ang City, 2093. Tesh is half-numb with grief. Leaning on the Earth’s guardian AI for comfort after her parents’ brutal murder, the powerful orphan bides her time while she lays a vengeful trap. And though the sought-after prodigy hates using her mind-bending skills, she accepts her despised new master’s high-risk mission to time-travel into the past to prevent an apocalypse. But she refuses the verdict of the Counsel and decides to save her dog and trick the System to the risk of her life...

Cut off from everything she’s ever known, Tesh awakens deep underground and discovers someone has tampered with her memories, her churning emotions pointing to a frightening conclusion: Her only escape may lie in the very gifts she reviles…

Can she sort the lies from the truth before the planet’s last hope goes up in flames?

Newdawn Roamers is a fast-paced prequel in the Newdawn Saga dystopian science fiction adventure. If you like strong heroines, unique love triangles, and thought-provoking themes, you’ll adore Dominique Luchart’s energizing adventure.

Buy Newdawn Roamers to embrace endless possibilities today!

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Newdawn Central
Newdawn Central

Origin. An unwavering pledge… Unearths a buried truth… And alter the  future. If she can’t rescue her team, her mission is doomed, and a new future will never dawn.

Ultimately powerless against a foe she cannot see, Tesh attempts to rescue the other Conclaves buried deep in the mountain before the Entity’s countdown blows everything to a smattering. Caught by the Universal Pledge to the Institute Conclave and a stealth mission going astray, her choices unravel the very future she must pave to prevent the end of her civilization. Indeed, DAINN's powerful insights are no longer an echo in her mind. For once, the powers of her mind do not plow a path to answers as a discovery about their very existence will ultimately define a new future.

Can she preserve the very future she fights to pave?

The second volume of the NEWDAWN Saga dystopian science fiction fantasy series is a page-turner. If you like an epic story with powerful heroines, unique relationships forged across time, and riveting themes, then you’ll cherish Dominique Luchart’s exhilarating adventure.

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Newdawn Reboot
Newdawn Reboot

A Signal Across The Universe. An Anomaly Deep In Space. A Countdown Way Too Short... Chaos reigns in Ang City, as the anomaly looms above, shrouded in a red sea of clouds.

DAINN's planetary A.I. is no match to the unknown codes invading the System, and tearing its defenses. As Dainn struggles against the unforeseen attack to protect its charges, fighting against an enemy it cannot defeat, the Network erects walls to safeguard its core. All the while people implement the Origin, Alpha, Provenance, and Aurora programs to evacuate the population from the planet's surface. When Dainn's last defenses fall, the System goes into slumber, and a way of life becomes extinct.

Their world gone forever, will the survivors wander into the cold and vast deep space without respite or will they rebuild?

Newdawn Reboot is an exhilarating action-packed page-turner and the third volume of the Newdawn Saga dystopian science fiction adventure. If you like unpredictable outcomes, conflict-ridden stories, and fascinating characters, you will love Dominique Luchart odyssey transcending time and space over many lifetimes. A beginning journey with no end in sight.

Buy Newdawn Reboot and escape into endless lifetimes.

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    Newdawn Saga Series

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