Buying Signed Copies.

If you’re in the market for a signed paperback copy of any of Dominique’s books and haven’t had the chance to get to a signing, then you may be able to arrange delivery of signed copies with Dominique directly. Use the form on the right to get in touch!

Sign Up For A Talk

Dominique makes frequent guest appearances and gives talks on podcasts, and is featured on panels at events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the American Film Market, Masterclasses, and a range of universities. If you would like to book Dominique for your upcoming event, university, or college, then do get in touch to discuss!

Join the Galactic League

This fall, Dominique is starting her channel on Discord to stay in touch with readers and fans and talk about her books, give us a tour of the future on our planet and in space, and chat with other SciFi and Fantasy authors to discuss books and so much more!

Embrace A Greater Purpose!

Travel Stardust Gateways

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