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    You can join Dominique’s Galactic Elite Circle and become a patron. All it takes is just one little step. Go to my Newdawn Shop and buy a little something. It supports my writing career so I can continue penning the books.

    All the items are designed by me and they are fun. They are all Eco Friendly to help the planet. Check the shop and you will see that we support a bunch of foundations so part of the money you spend with me will go to them... Also, you can get free books for life once you purchase items worth $150.

    In the Galactic Elite Circle you get the most exclusive updates of behind-the-scenes stuff every week. That’s a promise. There are also plenty of other reward levels to choose from, such as:

    • Exclusive visuals based on the novels, art, NFTs
    • Early alerts on the Gateway Game Development Insights
    • Exclusive chapters of my books
    • Signed copies
    • Exclusive merch such as mugs, t-shirts and so much more at an extra discount
    • Chances to Google Meet with Dominique and other patrons

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