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Books are more than mere stories; they hold the key to expanding our minds and broadening our horizons.

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking narratives that challenge perceptions, spark conversations, and inspire personal growth.

Embrace the transformative power of literature as it shapes our understanding of the world.




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Upcoming Events
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Newdawn Author Table
Meetings with authors of SciFi and Fantasy books.
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Newdawn Galactic League
Date: 01/31/2024
Fun topics and conversations about the books, building a bridge about the future and bringing an understanding of tomorrow's world.
Location : On Line.
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In Newdawn, life moves quickly. We are scheduling online events for this fall, allowing us to meet and chat with readers and fans. Meet me in Author’s Table or Newdawn Galactic League where you will gain insights into the world of Newdawn and get a chance to win bonuses and prizes.

Connecting with many creative types wishing to contribute to a better future is fun and enlightening. They come in all shapes and fields, from other writers to futurists, scientists, techno gurus and innovators, not to forget actors who want to share their experience and form a community of NEWDAWNERS. So watch for our upcoming Dominique Factor Podcasts – Entertaining, Insightful, and Provocative!

Learn More About Me
Newdawn – The sun rising over the horizon. A new day. A new beginning. A new way of life. A flourishing planet. A robust tomorrow. A better future. A place for authentic originals where absolute individuals can thrive on a flourishing planet. Together we shape Tomorrow Today. More than a book, a whole new universe!